A teacher's take on reading and exploring

One of my favourite authors is AA Milne. He was an English author, best known for his books about Winnie the Pooh and...

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Perfect keepsake books for every child!

Think about it, with over 50 million books out there in the world written for children, how many of those books are available to...

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Why read at night?

I love reading to my son. My husband and I take turns depending on who has finished dinner first but bedtime reading is something...

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The Mothership's blog on Story For Me

http://themothershipdxb.com/must-custom-childrens-books-story/ Must-have custom children’s books by Story For Me...

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Raising a reader

Reading is fundamental to bringing up children. But are we raising a generation of readers? That’s debatable. So, how do...

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For the love of books

“Mamma, look outside the window. Everyone thinks that is a giant rock in the sea, but she is actually a blue whale, and...

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🥁 Regions Biggest Children’s Library opens in Abu Dhabi.

Everything about books and encouraging reading amongst children’s excites us. We always work on the principle that books are the guide to a child’s future. Read 📚! We so can’t wait to visit this biggest interactive library for children boasting of over 35,000 books, creative one-of-a-kind workshops with learning and play spaces too.
. 🌈 Gift every child the joy of reading! 📖
LOOK WHO POPPED OUT🤭: Meet the clay characters from Pet Shop Party. All our books look different and this one has been painstakingly created with each hand made element - so that our little readers find something new on every page. Join these adorable pets on an adventure that also teaches counting in a fun way.  #handmadebooks #personalisedbooksforkids
Has your back to school countdown begun? Ours sure has! 👍

Over the next few weeks why not make special memories with family and friends at home? Here is our book “Home sweet Home” that has all the magic.

Create your own story by personalizing this book. #NameOfTheChild 👦🏻👩🏼 #PersonalMessage 📝#HairAndSkinCustomisation 🧒🏼🧒🏽🧒🏻 #StoryBook 📖 #HomeSweetHome 🏡👪
CLIENT DIARY! Thrilled to receive messages like this 💙 It is what we work towards everyday- making young minds fall in love with learning through fun and engaging books📚Thank you little Ayaansh for making us beam with pride ❤️#lovewhatwedo
CLIENT DIARY: Getting a recommendation like this really makes our hearts happy 🙂... These were orders we executed in a tight timeline but reading her kind words makes all the stress from back then vanish! Thank you! Thank you! #lovewhatwedo ❤️
🥁Excited to share a special project commissioned to us by Maktaba- Abu Dhabi Libraries 🥁. From a spark of an idea to create child friendly books, arose the concept of making  an interesting children’s passport 📘. A keepsake that goes beyond this summer 🙂. So here they are: our bi-lingual camp information booklet and passports that have been conceptualized and produced by Story For Me. 
If summer camp schedules and activity books looked so nice, which child wouldn’t want to own one? In case you haven’t checked out their schedule yet, you must.

Head over to Maktaba and make the most of your summer in Abu Dhabi this year!  @dctabudhabi @visitabudhabi #specialbooks #summer2019
A client of ours ordered two books. Loved them. She ordered two more. Only problem? She wanted them in two days. A tall order indeed 🤞🏼 But what’s life without a challenge? The books were made in a day and this was her reaction 😍It is days like this that make all our stresses worth it! #clientappreciation
With everyone heading off in different directions for the summer, have your kids stocked on their reading material? Meanwhile, we are busy packing these off to our young readers.🎁 📕
To create a special book, browse through our site: www.storyforme.me and gift a child the joy of reading!
Say 👋 to a brand new collaboration. Watch this space for more updates from @saif_motivation and @storyformemiddleeast 📚
💕 Testimonials like these keep us going everyday! 🙏 @cosetteyounane Thank you 😊 
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