Raising a reader

Raising a reader

Reading is fundamental to bringing up children. But are we raising a generation of readers? That’s debatable.

So, how do we make children love reading? The most obvious answers would be to read to them every night/ day or surround them with books. But I have found an interesting thing- my child is far more likely to pick up a book (as opposed to any other form of entertainment), if he sees me read. He wants to do what I do. It is almost like leading by example.

What else:

  • Find out what interests your child and make them read those books in particular. It also helps a great deal if a wide variety of reading options are provided. This will expand their interests too.
  • Reading aloud benefits a child greatly. Many parents think that once children can read on their own, they should read by themselves. WRONG! By parents reading, a child learns proper pronunciation of words and intonation in sentences.
  • Provide age-appropriate books
  • Use technology as a reading aid or supplement books they have read with something on the iPad.
  • Develop their oral skills and make them a part of the story telling session by having them pick their favorite parts of the page.
  • Make them the boss! Let them choose a book.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that comics are not okay to read to kids. Each and everything works. Pamphlets, menu cards, comics, non-fiction, fiction, religious books, anything. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!
  • The more interactive, relaxed and fun you make the session, the more likely it is that your child will pick reading over any other form of entertainment.


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