Raising a reader

Raising a reader

Reading is fundamental to bringing up children. But are we raising a generation of readers? That’s debatable.

So, how do we make children love reading? The most obvious answers would be to read to them every night/ day or surround them with books. But I have found an interesting thing- my child is far more likely to pick up a book (as opposed to any other form of entertainment), if he sees me read. He wants to do what I do. It is almost like leading by example.

What else:

  • Find out what interests your child and make them read those books in particular. It also helps a great deal if a wide variety of reading options are provided. This will expand their interests too.
  • Reading aloud benefits a child greatly. Many parents think that once children can read on their own, they should read by themselves. WRONG! By parents reading, a child learns proper pronunciation of words and intonation in sentences.
  • Provide age-appropriate books
  • Use technology as a reading aid or supplement books they have read with something on the iPad.
  • Develop their oral skills and make them a part of the story telling session by having them pick their favorite parts of the page.
  • Make them the boss! Let them choose a book.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that comics are not okay to read to kids. Each and everything works. Pamphlets, menu cards, comics, non-fiction, fiction, religious books, anything. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!
  • The more interactive, relaxed and fun you make the session, the more likely it is that your child will pick reading over any other form of entertainment.


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We mark the UAE Month of Reading by introducing the β€˜READING JOURNAL’  commissioned to us by Maktaba @dctabudhabi πŸ“πŸ“–
It’s an interactive bi-lingual journal created to encourage children to have READING GOALS. Instead of merely reading, a child can RATE and REVIEW each book. Almost like taking reading one step further and promoting discussions and understandings around each book.
What’s more? We have added thought provoking messages along with engaging stickers at the end as a reward!  The journey of making the journal has been a huge learning for us as we hope to create a community of HAPPY READERS! πŸ“šπŸ–‹#uaereadingmonth2019 @dctabudhabi @visitabudhabi
Glimpses of a FULL HOUSE and SUPER FUN afternoon at #thereadingbox by @dubaipubliclibraries and @dubaiculture. πŸ“šπŸŽπŸ“– .

Thank you to @minimiraclesdubai for partnering with us and bringing our book β€˜What Will I Be’ to life with an interactive puppet show. @storyformemiddleeast.
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Venue: Mirdiff City Center, 4-5 pm today and prepare to have a lot of fun!! πŸ–
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On Women’s Day we cannot think of a better announcement than #thereadingbox by @dubaipubliclibraries and @dubaiculture . We are joining forces with some terrific women who are the backbones of both institutions and we promise you a great time. Come over to @citycentremirdif with your little readers between 4-5 pm on March 9 and prepare to have a lot of fun!! #uaereadingmonth2019 #womenempoweringwomen #dubaireads
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